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Nothing is Sacred..

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3rd June 2011

11:27am: Sometimes I wonder why the hell I try so hard..
Current Mood: disappointed

25th June 2010

12:03pm: I liiiiivvveee! =O
Things have been kinda up and down for me since the start of this year..

Shake ups at work (Target) keep me worried.. because they somehow always make me feel like I'm on the fence.. but then go "You're doing great!" or "We'd be lost without you!". But eehh

Speaking of work.. I'm down to only working one job for the first time in over 3 1/2 years.. The chocolate store I was working closed down back in January without notice.. so I have had time to do stuff or be completely lazy! But then again.. that was a loss of 600 bucks income wise..

I also have finally paid off all but two and a half bills. I'll be debt free except to my own 401 K by the end of August (hopefully!).

Things are starting to look a little up for me for onceeee...

Now if only I can stop the major anxiety I have and get a normal sleep schedule..

11th March 2009

10:46pm: Just have seen the way far inbetween posts in this journal... and figured I'd post an update.

Saw Watchmen on Friday with Josh, his girlfriend Kayla, and a girl that I know from working the mall that I find cute and want to get to know more. The movie was good, and lots of fun was had since it was a rough day closing the mall before seeing it. Anne seemed to have had fun too, and I talked to her today and I'm hoping to get to just hang out sometime when she's not busy working or with school..

Other than the movie plans... I've just been working my 40 hours at target and average close to 30 hours at the mall since Judy is on medical leave again. Although, I've been able to keep up one weekly tradition of going to Max and Erma's with my two roommates.

Speaking of roommates, we're getting ready to start an early look at apartments. We live in a two bedroom right now by the mall... but are looking to move into a three bedroom when their lease is up in June. So we're hoping to find a nice place..

Well, I'm off to bed. Have another twelve and a half hour work day ahead of me..

3rd January 2009

4:30pm: Hey all! Happy 2009 and such!

I'm just looking forward to the decrease in stress since the holiday season is over. I was really really getting stressed out. And it wasn't anything but people's attitudes making me think I was wrong. But it happens.

My car is down again, but will be up on Monday... something to do with the driver's side of the drive axle. I'm borrowing a car from my co-worker Liz. And I've been staying over my friends' Ben and Matt's apartment for like about a week and a half now. And today is only the second day in that span I've been home. I'll be staying mostly over there till my car is up. I'm going to probably go back to the apartment after checking my email... then end up walking the mall?

Later all!

16th December 2008

11:07pm: I NEED A NIGHT OFF. *slams head into desk*

9th December 2008

1:08am: Sooooo.... tomorrow, my car goes into the shop for another bearings repair.
I hope that's all. I can't afford to have it be another thing on top of that. *crosses fingers*
So there goes another $400 I had saved. ;____;

On the lighter side:
I got a package from Joann for my birthday. And she has yet again gotten me more random eva stuff that I have yet to have bought. And she got me candy from the japanese store near her home! >D

Also apparently Matt and Ben are taking me out for my birthday on Wednesday night... and got me tickets to see Jim Gaffigan live on the 13th. Just wow.

And yet again my birthday snuck up on me again. I didn't realize it was almost here myself.
Have been too busy working that I've lost track of time. ^^;;

1st November 2008

12:59am: .........
Stupid stupid stupid STUPID.....
Current Mood: rejected

28th October 2008

12:34am: I really really dislike impatient people.
My electronics guy met me at the front of the store when I was stopped by another team lead who had a question for me. He was all "Sorry, I've got a ride." and handed me the keys and kept walking not slowing down.. and my electronics counter was left alone and I came back to four people with questions. Hm.

And I didn't even get a chance to apply for team lead of health and beauty, electronics, and stationary. They did a team lead shuffle and I have someone from Softlines (clothing) as my new team lead. And some softlines people were all "Good luck with your new boss!". Here's to hoping I'm not going to be driven out!

Also, I finally got my personal electronics binder squared away.. and started on the training one for the counter! Yay me!

Other than work... I spend most of my time over at Ben's apartment. And I got addicted to the tv show Psych.

Yup, still really not much of a life.
Damn I wish I had more motivation to do stuff...outside of working.

5th October 2008

1:57pm: Wow. Been awhile since I updated. ^^;

Still stressed out over work. Though not so badly. They still think I fail at my position!
Although I'm in charge of electronics now and switched with my friend who was doing electronics... so he's stuck with the mess that is entertainment. Although my team lead is leaving for another target, so I'm going to try for her position.. we'll see what happens.

The chocolate store is still the same... and I have no clue where I'll be working for my third job this Christmas. I have people who tell me to put in for jobs their at, but I just want something fun. I may talk to Dave about working Calendar Club.. so we can just hang out in the mornings! ;D

Also, been talking to my friends away at college a bunch. I'm glad they are all doing alright.

and I have finally gotten the chance to hang out with my friend Ben outside of work, and even am friends with his roomate Matt. I've been hanging out over their apartment a whole lot because its right by the mall when I get off work. So it's been a fun past couple weeks.

Only downer I have is that I'm kinda being ignored by a couple pals of mine. I attempt to talk to them.. and they blow me off. So that kinda hurts. :/

2nd July 2008

10:26pm: I saw Wall-E at the Cinema 20 in Painesville for $3 on Sunday.
That movie theater is starting to impress me with how fast they've been getting in current releases!
And Wall-E was a great movie. I really enjoyed it and always am impressed with Pixar's animation. I do suggest checking it out!

Monday I worked my regular 6 AM - 9:30 PM between both jobs... but was getting sick a lot at my second job. Then I proceeded to not get any sleep because of how bad I felt.

Tuesday I worked only at Target from 6 AM - 10:40 AM and put in vacation time for 10:40 - 2:30 so I didn't lose any time. I had to push street dates and tie my remaining revisions before I went home... but wasn't doing so hot. I fell asleep when my parents got me.. and slept when I got home at 11 AM until 7 PM, and then fell back to sleep around 11 PM...

Today, I did my salesplanners for entertainment and cleaned a few shelves. My area is horrid, but it's not going to magically get better! So I feel like a failure of a specialist and don't get as much support as other people who had my job before me. So it sucks. :/

My stress level is up. I'm feeling worn out... and really can't get excited about anything.

Oh... and on a happier note! It's Todd's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD! I owe you dinner sometime!

28th June 2008

1:37am: So I got my new phone in today!
I got a Blackberry Curve to replace my Razr. And I've been liking it a lot better so far!

Also got to see that movie Wanted today with Josh, Abby, and a few of their friends. I liked that movie.. though only remembered the previews for it when they got to that whole bullet bending thing.

I'm off till Monday!

And Saturday I'm hanging out during the day with Crystal... don't know how my evening will go.

And Sunday, I don't know... maybe I might clean my room a little or something if no one calls..

22nd May 2008

2:34pm: What better way to spend my morning off..
Three hours with AT&T trying to explain that I would like options of getting another phone since the store couldn't help me.

And all I've gotten is "Water damage", "You kept it in a cold room", and "We can offer you this phone but it's ______ without a break". And I loved the sixth guy.. he was totally no help and tried to pitch me a bluetooth. Ugh.

*slams head into desk*

24th April 2008

1:34pm: I got my car fixed.
It was $800 for two brake lines and the right wheel bearings.
So that's up and running finally! YAY!

Worked at Rocky Mountain yesterday.... it was so dead in the morning except for my two rushes. I only had $3 of sales until 1 PM. lol.

Then I hung out with Josh. We grabbed some Bakers Square and checked out Buybacks.

Also, just got an email saying my copy of Evangelion 1.0 was shipped out today from CD-Japan and got the cables to make my SNES work finally!

Now I need to get ready for work. I'm stuck at Target from 2:30 till 11..

16th April 2008

6:17pm: I just had to sleep through most of the day.
I am working a 10 PM - 5:30 AM inventory shift at Target tonight. So this should be interesting.
Thankfully I have tomorrow off to adjust back.

Work's been getting a little better for me, but not much.
They schedule me for some electronic shifts. Yaaaaay!
Some of the bosses as still big douches that I try to avoid and ignore.
But yeah.. I posted a very generic resume online and have been looking.

Rocky Mountain's been okay as well. Though when I have told them I may be taking a possible vacation in the summer, they said that they can limit how much time I take off. *shrugs* Just is a part time job. They need to learn that they don't dictate my life.

Things are going okay though. Not the best. But I'll be fine like usual.

On the plus side, I get my car fixed this Friday. =D

22nd March 2008

9:05am: I am officially banned from working Electronics except Monday and Tuesdays... unless I have a boss's approval at Target. And I was told I was told to not be as friendly and fun, and to focus mostly at being fast. And I'm also told to never respond to cashier backup.

I guess this is their way to finally tell me that I'm too slow and need to make isles of shampoo look pretty, although my job description is "Entertainment Specialist".

So I'm a little ticked. I kind of understand from one stand point, since I am on the schedule as sales floor. But then again, I talked to the person who does the schedule, and she said I'm scheduled as sales floor so I'm not bound to any particular area and can work in my area. Also, I was told I cannot be put on the schedule as electronics... unless I am called in, pick up a shift, or someone calls off and they don't replace them.

So yeeeeaaah... I need to get my resume made up and online.

In short:

$8 an hour < the responsibility and stress I get

22nd February 2008

3:49pm: Last night, got to work at Target.
I took care of isles E, F, and G.. while also getting to cover an electronics break and getting carts! I don't know how I managed it, but it happened.

Got to set up a computer for my sister today.. and it's got a wireless card installed. So that was some fun.

Now I'm off to work at Target from 4:30 till clooose!

Then I get to come home and try to cheer up some family friends. Their grandmother just passed on recently. :/

7th February 2008

1:34pm: Running off to work. Yaaay.
Got to hang out with Josh for a little last night.
And nothing much has been happening outside of that..

Oh.. and I have to remember to put in my request off for Feb 24th. My sister is in an art show apparently!

16th January 2008

11:47pm: Made $30 for taking down the second Calendar Club.
It only took less than three hours.
Also, I got a couple freebie calendars.

Worked at Rocky Mountain today and knocked out all the Valentine's Day stuff that had to be bagged. Go me!

Tomorrow is my closing day at Target! I get to close with Liz! Yaaaay!

And I have to hear back from Josh.. to see if we're still on for Friday.
And after work on Saturday, I get to see Drew!

12th January 2008

6:43pm: Today was overall good.
Met up with Crystal at Target around noon.. caught up with some of the people working today.
Then we went out to lunch at TGI Friday's. Had to get some fried mac and cheese appetizers.
At Toys R Us, I picked up a copy of Guilty Gear on the DS. It was clearanced.
Then we went to "The Boneyard", which was some arcade in Mayfield. We played some DDR, Mario Kart, and such. All good fun.
We dropped by the Mayfield Game Stop to catch up with Aaron. I haven't seen him since he accepted the manager's job.
I also picked up three out of the four limited runs of the Howard The Duck comic. Comic Heaven didn't have #2 in.
And our last stop before I got dropped off was to Target again to see Jay. We definitely need to have a group hangout.
I got home around 6:30 PM.

I have to do this again with her on one of my next weekends off. Maybe a road tip or something.

6th January 2008

10:59pm: New Years Resolution #1: Pay off my debt.
Progress so far: 20% done already!

#2: Fix my car.
Progress: Would've been done already, but parents bummed $200 off of me.
Plan of action: Try to pay off more of debt first while placing some cash off to the side to accomodate new wheel bearings and other necessary repairs.

#3: Try to have some sort of social life!
Progress: Already have been hanging out with some friends, and will be setting aside atleast one day off a week, to hang out with friends. If no one's available, I'll just take it easy.

#4: Limit my hours per week that I'll work.
Plan of action: No more than 60 hours a week. But scheduling must atleast leave ONE day off per week, minimum. Should be easier due to both work places cutting hours.. but does get tricky due to different requirements for me to be available. Of course, Target comes first. Rocky Mountain second.

So far.. that's my goals as of right now. I don't want to set too many... yet want to set more short term right now.. if I get these accomplished, I should be in better shape and most likely happier. Then I can set a new set of short term goals.. or maybe actually some long term ones. *shrug*

I'm doing a movie night with Josh hopefully Wednesday night.. and maybe his girlfriend will be joining us for that. Then on Saturday, there's a chance I'll be hanging out with Crystal if all goes well!

And I got to see I Am Legend this past Wednesday. Pretty good flick. Maybe me sad about his dog though. :/

28th December 2007

11:16am: Hope everyone had a good holiday season!

I'm just glad its over... no more extended hours! U go back to my semi-normal (for me) work schedule. No more 16 hour work days then three hours of sleep to do it all over again until next November. YEAH!!

Other than that, I'm doing fine. Just catching up on some rest. My body was giving me signs of needing to stop.

I have some tentative plans for New Years Eve and for this Wednesday. So hopefully those work out.

As for Christmas, it went okay. My parents got me Return to Neverland on DVD and a new razr phone, and Joann sent me a package with some Eva figures and a Hayate The Combat Butler insert. Nee also got me some DVDs, a Fruits Basket statue, and a Asuka music box o_o; So that was pretty awesome.

But as for that... I'm just not looking forward to going into Target today. I have to set my kids books revisions and then have six salesplanners... then have to push the product for all of them. And on top of that.. I'll be in charge of another area and will have to make time somehow! They were idiots for giving me TWO hours to do two days of work and not giving me time to do salesplanners. But hey, they'll just blame it on lack of training. Just like my inability to finish a heavy new release day and such.

Well, if anyone wants to hang out.. give the cell a call and we can try to arrange something.


26th November 2007

11:33pm: Uggggh..
So yeah..

I did some training in University Heights. That was interesting!
That decision was per my DM, as the guy there was totally "Green" according to company standards. He was full of knowledge and a great help.. but it's just that there's so much I can only learn from shadowing, and then I need to try it.

The downside to all this was..
He was planning for 2 day ad. So it wasn't like a normal set. He had to get set and tried cramming a lot in my head.
Second, I was so out of place. Sure I need to learn new locations... but it was a waaay bigger store and a different set up. Also I was not set up for register. I knew no one except the ones I trained around.. so I felt utterly useless.
And I was having to be up and leave about an hour and a half ahead of time to get there on time. It's crazy getting up and having to leave a 3:30 or 4:30 AM in the morning for only a dollar raise..

Though I did take away a lot of knowledge, I want to apply it to MY area and my set up. So I got to do street dates at my store today. I got off to an hour late due to a communication hiccup. I was supposed to have Dave show me the ropes around my area and help me when I came in as per my Human Resources. But the backroom leader wouldn't let me take him and had to take plannogram to formulate a plan to free Dave up to set me up for success. Then also on top of my required breaks, I had to cover an electronics break and lunch. So I got all except my new releases (the job on Tuesday), and Kid's best seller set up. Not bad for running a half an hour over with all those delays on top of guests needing help.

They are talking about sending me back maybe for two or more weeks of training at University. All I can see going out there for is Monday and Tuesdays... but I have a jist of knowledge of what to do.. just need to apply it to my area. Also, I could see doing it one more week.. but it's farther out plus my already stated issues.

This just makes me look forward to Friday more... my off day to pack. Then my trip on Saturday through the fourth... then my limited availability from the fifth through the tenth. I so need it now. Just need free time and to get away.

I owe props to my pal Crystal and Todd for the talks I had with them today. Crystal offered to show me what to do with my position since I replaced her when she left. And Todd calmed me down and made me laugh. He's awesome and always good to me like that. I owe them big.

11th November 2007

3:29pm: Got my promotion!
The day I start my training is when my $1 more per hour kicks in.
I'm excited... but have tons to learn.
Labels, street dates, signing, and planograms to learn all over in Target's way.
But I'm looking forward to it.

On the down side.. my car is STILL down. And I have to go out for training. They don't know where they are sending me.. could be as close as Mentor's Target all the way out to University Heights. Pends who's good enough. @_@;

2nd November 2007

12:35am: It's almost getting time for the holidays! Yay for middle of this month starting to slowly extend the hours!

I put in for a promotional oppertunity for Target. It's for an Entertainment Specialist position dealing with Music, Movies, and Books. So far I'm the only one applying for it from our store. It'd be fun to get to mess with sales planners and new releases again. So why not? The pay is only $8 an hour, but hey, it's still a raise and an upward position movement. It's a step up from the salesfloor/cart attendant/trainer deal I'm at now. I am hopeful for the position, but if I don't get it.. I'll just keep posting for jobs that show up for Willoughby and Mentor.

Game Stop is a blast. I love it. That's enough right there to tell how it's going there.

With Rocky Mountain, we just hired a new girl.. so sometime this weekend, I'll get to meet her maybe. I've already been told not to scare her off.. like I'd do something like that. But that job's still going. I wish I could get a pay raise since I do my job and have been there for over a year now. The only raise I got was the $0.15 raise I was offered when minimum wage went up, after being paid below the new minimum for three months.

But yeah... life's going!

Eventually I'm going to have to buy a planner and actually really plan my time better.

8th October 2007

12:17pm: So, I have to get ready soon..

Retraining for my one day a week seasonal job at Game Stop!
Yaaaay for a job just to get a discount!

Target's going fine. I've been having fun with it.

And the Chocolate Store is alright. I just am unsure how the holiday season will go for it.

Two months till my trip.
Still have to pick up my Phantom Hourglass game.

And I forgot how much fun it is to set up kiosks! I helped with the Calandar Club which took time to get use to the patterns.. but it was a blast.
Current Mood: happy
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